Friday, December 12, 2008

One More Thing Before I Close Out Today

Student quote of the day: "Figs are nothing more than wasp abortion clinics."
I love my students.
The cupcake party is becoming an art form. Next time, there will be many colors of icing, sprills and a roomful of artists decorating their cupcakes individually. My digital camera will be figured-out by then (Thank You, Daddy!) and I will post pictures. For now, we lingered, we stayed over an hour after class (a few of us) we were loathe to leave. I was given two gorgeous pieces of pottery (and don't think student-art here, think professionals polishing-up, think real art). I am the lucky teacher to know these people. They are in-there and they are alive.

There is no bad time for frosting and tenderness, thinks A.

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