Monday, January 12, 2009

O the Pep Talks You'll Give

to yourself just to not-do, not-go, stay-put, allow.

I did all the day's drudgery and tonight, I deny myself a treat because, the inner-mommy in me says "it's for the best tonight." Another night, another bit of Seussian/Mother advice. All dentisted-up. Room upstairs a multi-purpose indulgence of a place. Tonight's dinner, a vegetarian fantasy of stir-fry. My favorite take-off on the garbage plate with those wonderful f/st/eak strips from M.S. farms. Love them. Egg beaters, laughing cow cheese, brocolli, spinach, wonderful salsa, olive oil and some diced onion. I feel the vitamins fueling up the tired and weary me.

More later, perhaps.

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