Friday, January 09, 2009

To You Whoever You Are

but that isn't what began the night, it was actually Dido's White Flag that shuffled in just as I was thinking something like there will be no white flag upon my door etc. etc. and so on...

Benjamin Button was the film of the night and it was charming in ways but also self-indulgent to the degree that L-Bo likened it to Forrest Gump and I to The Notebook, consider that span with a dash of How to Make an Am. Quilt besides. I am not sure of Katrina's function in the movie except as one more thing large and hard for it to hold. But the littles of the film, its little loves--like for buttons or tattooes and hummingbirds or swimming the English channel or just love, just how in love the film was with love was a lot and pretty winning. It's just so easy with Fitzgerald to take his lyricism and make of it something nearly precious because he loved the lovely and broken so well and so often and his prose could be bent to the sentimental in a way that it's harder to do with his earnest buddy, Ernest.

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Lesley said...

You know-I forgot to tell you: My favorite part was the affair with Tilda Swinton. For some reason, that part seemed the most touching and poignant. Much more than the who-cares-love between Brad and Cate. AND, I WHO could think Tilda Swinton is PLAIN??? My god! That woman's face (like Cate's) is a living sculpture! It makes me want to buy/rent Orlando!!